Flashgitz is made up of Tom and Don – a narcissistic duo hellbent on world fornication through the power of laughter. They tell stories with a low-brow exterior and a gooey high brow interior – enlisting a motley assortment of scoundrels for voice-acting, sound and music along the way.

Hailing from the UK and US respectively, Tomothy and Donald are a couple of filthy, lazy, good-for-nothing millennials. They met under a banner of parley on the high tides of the internet at the tender young age of thirteen. Don brought with him the energetic yanky slapstick comedy of a country that revelled in the absurd. Tom, born of a country choked in fog and mild rain, brought the bone-dry wit and dark humour happy sunbathed Americans have yet to achieve outside of their foreign policy. Don is demanding I apologise for writing that sentence. Don can go fuck himself.

A typical project pipeline for the douchebag duo is to grind their souls to powder on each and every cartoon before declaring triumphantly “I’m fucking done with life”. Unfortunately, life is rarely done with them. Life drags them out of their cosy foxhole and reminds them there’s no job they’d rather do, and that they’d never make it in STEM anyway.

They are however highly attractive and if you’re a young woman between the ages of 18 to 60, feel free to leave us your number. Please. Please respond.