So you’re a big media hotshot and
want to deposit all of your budget into the Flashgitz back-pocket trust fund in exchange for a delightfully gut-busting original animated series extravaganza?

You've come to the right place!

A gazillion people want us to vomit our frothy hot content directly into their face mouths and so should you!
Just look at those numbers!

Our dreams are big and our pockets are thirsty.





Nice Words from Important People

“ On their worst day, Don and Tom produce brilliant animation, bleeding-edge comedy and inherently share-able videos...
if you're into that kind of thing. “

–Aaron Simpson, VP, Animation @ Mondo Media

“ Working to briefs that are often restrictive, Flashgitz has both designed characters and animated them to a level that surpasses most, if not all of their peers - as well as essentially embarassing a lot of prime time animated content on budgets and with teams up to 50 times their size (and beyond). ”

–Tom Jenkins, Channel Manager, Channel 4

“ I mean, Don’s a pretty nice guy, but I hear Tom listens to Rush... and you know how I feel about Rush ”

–Michael Winters, Sound Engineer, Somatone