A big boring list of common inquiries and mean questions we keep getting asked...

Where is Regular Marine?

Direct your hate and sadness over to www.RegularMarine.net Tumblr where you can be upset at us for leaving the story on such an annoying cliffhanger.

Where can I watch your old cartoons?

www.Flashgitz.Newgrounds.com! – our birthplace and once-home.

Can I send you a script?

We have our own scripts and believe in the sanctity of monogamy – it would be quite insensitive for us to read other scripts whilst we have our own crying for attention. (Also, we don’t wanna get accused of stealing ideas or anything).

Do you need voice actors/actresses?

Sure! Always. Send your demo-reel and rates over to contact@flashgitz.net and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Can I translate your cartoons?

If you’re okay with us claiming the video via YouTube’s ad-revenue system then feel free!

Can I use your cartoons for my own project?

If the cartoon is the subject of your project, then we’d love you to! An example would be something like a reaction video or critique. Taking clips of our cartoons and reuploading them without any significant change is generally not cool.

Do you take commissions?

No one takes a commission like we do. Big, small, thick, thin, we’ve done ‘em all…. but sometimes we’re taking too many commissions at once and it’s hard to squeeze another in. Send us a message and we’ll check our schedule!

What hardware do you use?

We both use laptops and cintiqs.

Why so much pink? It makes me feel weird and challenges my fragile sexuality.

Ours too friend, ours too.

Are you guys virgins?

Yes, we are both celebate until death.

Are you guys gay?

No. But that might just be wishful thinking.