Another week, another ‘where the fuck did the time go’. Regular Marine will be up and about 11/5/14 or 5/11/14 if you’re  american.  This has been the longest break we’ve taken on the comic, we’ve needed it but it’ll be good to get writing and drawing again. So make sure you check in for some good ol’ Regular Marine lovin’.
(The next story arc is going to be fucking awesome.)

Something that Regular Marine picked up early on in its life is the ‘RP’ (role-playing). Which is basically a bunch of guys who comment on every Regular Marine comic and role-play as characters of their choice, fighting it out.  It was great watching this community spring up around our comic. The level of dedication and passion these guys show to us and their role-play is something any creator of content wants to see.

On the flip-side there has been a segment of the community who want to use the comment section to  discuss the comic. Obviously the RP stopped that from being possible and when the guys found out, they decided to graciously step away from the RP to allow that to happen.

We understand both sides of the equation and it would be sad to lose the RP, it’s a part of FG. Which is why we’re thinking about setting up a specific section for the RP’ers. The comment section was never really suited for it anyway and if we set up a section it would have features to accommodate RP specific stuff. The RP’ers have set up their own site to do their thing on and if that’s where they want to stay we’ll just keep things as they are.

I’ll be active in the comment section of this post over the next couple of days. So, RP’ers. Throw in your 2 cents below.