It seems when it comes time to post these posts that  the same few lines roll through my mind “no, we’re not dead”,  ”school has been bogging us down” etc, etc.
I suppose it’s because we usually have the same excuses for not having a comic out  after so much time, but today is different, today, we have a new excuse! A better excuse!

So for the past 6 months or there about, we’ve been doing something we didn’t think we’d be able to do for many years. Yes! Don and I have finally taken the plunge and bought anal beads. I kid, of-course. Mine and Don’s rectal cavities are  still mostly intact.



Low-brow anal ‘humour’ aside, we have been doing some back-door entering. Specifically into studios and companies whose size and girth far outweighs our own. What I’m trying to say is, we’ve been pitching ideas to the big boys and they’ve gotten us a bit wet. We can’t name names unfortunately as that wouldn’t be professional. We aim to be more high-class escort than hoodrat hooker when it comes to who we try and get into bed with and that comes with obligations. My point is, we’ve spent over 400 hours on pitch-bibles, pitch calls, spec-scripts, etc. It’s been soul-crushingly hard and we’ve had more than a few sleepless nights but an exhilarating, incredible experience none the less. How it pans out is still foggy, we’ve had high levels of interest from some and backhand pimp slaps from others, but hey, just maybe, a Flash-Gitz TV series coming to the idiot tube  soon.

As you may have noticed, this has impacted our other obligations. When we get bogged down the comic is usually the first thing to suffer and that’s why you haven’t seen anything for a month. The future is bright though, like if you stuck J.J Abrams in the Sahara and gave him a magnifying glass and a camera. When University comes to an end in mid-May we are planning an all out assault on the animation and comic front.  I want to start doing a weekly update so you guys know what’s going on, we’ll see.

We’re working on the comic-arc over the next week and you should have a new issue by next weekend. There’s a lot of fun shit in store for ol’ Regulus, Marinus, Batboy and that other douchebag, you guys are going to like it a lot.
Also, we have an animation coming out towards the start of May!

Until next time, fellas.