So as school is drawing to a close, Flash-Gitz is ramping up for some delicious animation based goodness.

It seems crazy that our last animated offering was a commission we released six months ago, but there it is. Animation for the internet is a tricky beast. You need to make it long enough to have substance and tell its own story but short enough as to not bore the viewer.  Of-course you also have to take into consideration that all important word: virality. In the past we’ve focused on really long form videos. Draigo, Space Hulk, even Super Future have all gone over the 5 minute mark and that’s a part of the reason we take so long between releases.

People like quick fixes, doubly so on the internet where attention is fleeting and porn is only a few clicks away. This need for instant gratification with minimal investment is what drives people’s viewing habits. We enjoy making long form videos because it means we get to let things breathe. The dialogue has a chance to flow a bit more naturally and people can soak everything in a bit better. On the other hand though, aside from the lengthy production time it also means we don’t get to hop subjects so much.

Warhammer is our foundation, we love it. I remember when we were making Space Hulk II and its production was dragging on; by the end of it Don and I were little more than mewling meat-sacks, twitching and shuddering every so often. It kicked the crap out of us. The only thing keeping us animating instead of saying “fuck it” at that point was by interring ourselves into the metaphorical Dreadnought that is the weird addiction that all of us (me and you) plastic-crack whores have to the hobby, I think they call it irrational attachment. Oh, and the backlash of thousands of screaming zealot Flash-Gitz fans  probably gave us incentive too.

But the fact is, Warhammer is not the only thing we want to animate. We want to cover a whole spectrum of shit that we enjoy taking the piss out of. Games, movies, TV, books, real-world shit. And when we did that in the past, it meant spending a couple of months away from Warhammer. So something we’re going to be doing over the summer is putting out snappier, faster animations. 1-3 minute style. It means we can do so much more, instead of spending a couple of months making a 14 minute behemoth whilst dreaming of crawling back inside our mother’s wombs, trying to regain the soft and gentle sanctuary that we lost 21 years ago when we came kicking and shitting into the world.

It also means Don and I can split our workload and do two things at once. For example, right now we have a Warhammer animation and a movie parody on the road for a May release. We will be getting content out faster and more consistently whilst broadening our scope and indulging in a bunch of topics we want to fuck with, you’ll be seeing that in early May.

Have a great weekend! Faggots.