Okay, that’s not true. In a move that will shock the earth to its crusty, molten core. Flash-Gitz will not have a comic out  this week. We’ve contacted the UN and they’ve agreed to give us an extension due to our excellent track-record and this being our first ever delayed comic. The negotiations were tough and many countries had a say before the verdict was reached.  France for instance chose to surrender and retreat; even upon hearing that the comic wasn’t going to show up.  Their reasoning was sound however as they closed with “Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir!” or “Better safe than sorry”.

Russia was difficult as they accused Don of with-holding the comic to create a stir and take attention away from the winter Olympics on account of the fact he is a filthy capitalistic imperialist yankie pig-dog (France took this as an opportunity to re-take the floor  with a snooty “Yeah! What he said” before re-surrendering and retreating again).

America had its own difficulties with the delay of the comic, they suspected the Russians had granted the comic asylum and were hiding it from the USA. The verbal attack only moments prior was simply designed to throw the US off the scent but they gave up pursuing it anyway as soon as they found out the comic contained no oil after all.

Britain, America’s bottom bitch decided this was the time to enter the fray.  After a brief bout of fellatio with its sugar daddy, it declared war on Europe and summoned its vast destroyer fleets. Britain decided to sit back down when it was presented with an atlas showing that it is in fact a part of Europe and reminded that it scrapped all of its destroyers years ago.  Then it raised university tuition fees and kicked in some Middle-Eastern countries to make it feel better about itself. This had nothing to do with the comic but was a brilliant case study on senility.

Germany sat and ate their Bauerwurst  in silence. See Fig.1 below:

Fig 1:
Dr Werner Siegert














So yeah, the comic will be out this Sunday coming. Probably.