A Flash-Gitz Original series!

So we decided to take the plunge and finally release our own series!
This marks a massive stride forward for us as a company and as a couple of immature man-children who like to make stupid shit for the internet.

As I’m sure you all appreciate, this kind of project has taken countless hours from the brain-storming phase through to the completion of Episode 1 and it’s crazy that it’s finally being released.

For the long term fans amongst you – you’ll notice we’ve completely upped our game. We feel like we’ve always been strong in the art department but that is only half the battle. With Super Future we’ve brought on an amazing sound engineer in the form of Mike Winters and an equally awesome composer in the form of Brian Sadler who has done some great work for some very high-profile flash-movies. In addition to these two we also have Mike Rousseau voice-acting for us and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s come out!

So you’ve found the culprit for the lack of a comic the past couple of weeks – but you’ll be happy to know that we’re putting the anniversary comic out within a couple days. You’ll get your fix or Regulus , Marinus and Batboy in due-course!

We really hope you guys love Super Future and tune in!

A very special thanks for all your support,
<3 Flash-Gitz